Jesse Udom

Coach Jesse Udom

Coach Jesse Udom

Jesse comes from an athletic family; his father was a two time Olympic boxer for Thailand. Jesse grew up playing competitive soccer and olympic weightlifting, an odd pairing, but one that worked for him. Jesse placed 6th and then 3rd the next year at the Jr. National weightlifting competitions in the 64kg weight class.

Jesse has been CrossFitting since 2010, and has completed in the NW regionals (team event), while keeping his Olympic lifting sharp at various state meets.

Jesse's lifting experience, and passion for sharing his knowledge, has made him an excellent coach. CrossFit Reflexion values the Olympic lifts as foundational movements - Jesse is responsible for the Olympic program design, and the members are rocking their lifts, and making great gains across the board.


  • CrossFit Level I
  • USAW Level I Sport Performance Certification