Olympic Weightlifting

CrossFit has sparked a recent explosion of interest in the sport of Olympic weightlifting in the US. Olympic lifts are the most technical lifts in the world.  The snatch and clean & jerk have created an unmet demand for better training and coaching.  As a longtime weightlifting and Crossfit coach, co-owner, and former USAW Junior National lifter, Jesse Udom and Crossfit Reflexion have created Crossfit Reflexion Barbell Club a unique strength and conditioning facility dedicated to training athletes from beginners to competitive lifters.  

Coach J prepping an athlete during competition

The coaching experience is led by Jesse Udom who has a USAW Sports Performance certification along with three other USAW certified  coaches. We offer multiple levels of individualized training as well as competitive programs for athletes seeking to compete in weightlifting meets or CrossFit style competitions.  Whether you are a recreational athlete or seeking to compete at a regional level, we will enhance your performance through proper snatch and clean & jerk technique.

Jesse's coaching is always improving and evolving. Here he is with lifting great Coach Wu.