Prodigy Program

Prodigy Program

Prodigy Program

CrossFit Reflexion's Prodigy Program is designed for the middle and high school football players who are serious about improving their strength, speed, and athleticism.

The Prodigy Program is the brainchild of Shawn Wilson, the founder and head coach of CrossFit Reflexion in Beaverton. Shawn played four years of collegiate football (for Southern Oregon University), and has been coaching athletes and people wanting to change their lives for  over seven years.

The Prodigy Program is a football and age specific program that runs from December until football season starts, with the goal of improving every aspect of your sons fitness and health, make the coming season their best yet!

Program Components

  • baselineassessment to determine your current abilities, and where to focus your effort
  • Strength training - individualized coaching and monitoring to ensure your son learns the key lifts safely and with good form.
  • Power training - football is an explosive sport. The ability to apply tremendous force quickly is vital to your athletes success. The program will make your athlete more explosive with safe, power producing exercises.
  • Mobility - muscle balance and fluid movement make any athlete better and reduces the risk of injury and lays the foundation for learning correct technique on the field.
  • Agility & Speed - footwork, running form, and technique will help your althlete get to the action on the field more quickly or avoid that defensive player.
  • Nutrition / Health - pre / post working nutrition is covered. Maximize your improvement and performance  by fueling your body correctly
  • Goal Setting - helping athletes grow both physically and mentally by including them in their program planning
  • Accountability - to both their fellow program participants and to their coaches to ensure results.


  • safer - stronger core and neck to help reduce injuries
  • durability -  conditioned and strengthened for the demands of the game
  • on the ball - faster, quicker and agile, your athlete will get to the play quicker
  • stronger - you can expect to have increased muscle mass and strength for the coming season
  • impact player - play hard every play with proper conditioning targeting the right energy systems

Coach Shawn started the Prodigy Program as a way to "pay forward" the help he received as a young player from some life changing coaches and mentors. The pricing of this program reflects this, and there will be scholarships for qualified participants.

There will be limited participation, when the class is full, it's full. Please contact us today to learn more about the Prodigy Program.