20 cal row or airdyne then
3 rounds
5 light deadlifts 65/55
5 light strict press

Deadlift (65%x2, 72.5%x2, 77.5%x4x5 ; 2 min rests)

Strict Press (65%x2, 72.5%x2, 77.5%x4x5 ; 2 min rests)

Metcon (Time)

"Flight Simulator Fedex style"

*every athlete starts off with 95 burpees on their plane, every successfull stop they drop off 5 burpees, complete all stops unbroken and no burpees are due, get stuck at a number and perform the number of undelivered burpees at the end of the workout.

11 min cap


accumulate 5 min of hang from pull up bar with active shoulder resting as needed

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